The Honda Lineup

The Honda Lineup

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Welcome to the Model Reviews section of your neighborhood Crest Honda dealer. When you need the inside scoop on models that tickle your fancy from the gate, our model review pages fit the bill. Whether you are interested in hybrid technology or standard combustion engines, we attempt to provide as much detailed information as possible to help you make an informed decision. Honda Motor Company is famous for building the most reliable and durable daily drivers on the planet. In 1982, Honda became the first of the Japanese manufacturers to open a factory in the United States. The Honda Accord still produced at this Marysville, Ohio, plant continues to receive major attention as the company model representing the brand.

Below, we have highlighted the best features of the Honda brand in general.

Honda Passport

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Honda builds vehicles for drivers out there who need a reliable, no-nonsense car to get them from point A to point B. They spend years rigorously slamming their doors and running their engines in all sorts of real-world conditions to beef up the areas that tend to fail. Many other manufacturers plan obsolescence and want these critical parts to fail after so many door slams or revolutions.


When it comes to performance, Honda is famous for its motors. The quality of the craft and attention to detail have created a legendary performance. Honda vehicles have a lower center of gravity than many vehicles and therefore hang tight in those hard turns. The steering and suspension are designed to translate driver inputs into crisp and accurate car control. The variety of engines available create some exceptionally fast tuner favorites that have high power-to-weight ratios and big brakes to stop when needed. A Honda is tuned for performance and wants to get up and go with that light, care-free, fun driving vibe.


Honda is working toward standardizing its active safety features across its entire vehicle lineup. The suite of technology known as Honda Sensing® continues to progressively add driver-assist and predictive autonomous safety features. The latest addition is a small camera that helps your vehicle express the ideal level of light when driving at night to optimize contrast and visibility. There are so many other features that make the Honda a foolproof vehicle that even the most novice drivers can rely upon to protect them. There is no substitute for practicing safe driving habits. However, when you drive a Honda you have peace of mind that you are well-prepared for those moments when accidents can happen to anyone.

We advise our customers to test-drive all their favorite models in one day to make a firm decision on which one is ideal for their needs. Please call us or stop by today to take a Honda for a test drive.

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