What are the Benefits of Using a Clay Bar When Detailing?

Although you may wash, wax, and polish your vehicle on a regular basis, you can also keep your vehicle's exterior in optimal shape by using a clay bar a few times each year. Read further to learn why a clay bar is beneficial for your vehicle's exterior.

There are many airborne contaminants, which include insect residue, brake dust, and fallout, that can stick the the surface of your vehicle and cause damage. Over time, the corrosive particles will lead to a dull finish and eventually rust. 

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Performance, Durability, and Tread: Which Tire is Right for You?

At Crest Honda, we know there are many things to consider when choosing between all-weather and summer tires for your car. If you drive in snow and ice often, an all-weather tire is probably the optimal choice. For those looking for the highest performance possible when accelerating and cornering, the stiffer compounds of the summer tire might better suit your needs.

Summer tires will maintain their shape while driving on hot roads, improving the gas mileage of the car by reducing the level of friction. 

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Why Car Covers are Important to Protecting Your Vehicle

While many drivers think putting the cover on their car is a cumbersome task, it is beneficial compared to the alternative. Here are a few reasons to put the cover on your car.

There are a number of things that can quickly deteriorate the finish on your vehicle. Things like tree sap and bird dropping will begin eating away at the finish on your car if they are not washed off quickly. By using the car cover, you keep these things off the surface and help to protect your investment. 

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Avoid Distracted Driving and Be Safer on the Road

At Crest Honda, we love to help the community with tips for avoiding distracted driving. If you are a multi-tasker, these tips will help you stay focused and safer while you drive.

Play music when you drive. Music is calming and will help you focus on the road, as long as it isn't too loud. Keep your music on one station or playlist so you don't have to change it. 

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Should You Consider a New Honda Hatchback?

If you are shopping for a new vehicle, then you know how many different options there are on the market right now. You can choose a vehicle based off of safety, exterior styling or power under the hood. There are also many features you might fall in love with that you aren't considering. For example, many vehicles come with a hatchback on the back end of the vehicle. Some vehicles have this option available as an upgrade as well. Why should you buy a hatchback from Crest Honda? Let's look at some of the main reasons:

  • A hatchback…
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How to Get Set Up For a Test Drive

There is no wrong or right way to test drive a car, but here are some tips to make the experience fun and informative. However, before you head to the showroom, make a list or have a general idea about the type of vehicle you are looking for. Do you want a truck for towing, or are you looking for a minivan for the family?

When you find an automobile that you like, make sure you drive it up to speed on a freeway, around town, and park it in a parking lot. Note how it handles during cornering, when…

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Learn the Basic Differences in Fact vs. Myth for Motor Oil

We all know it’s important to change the oil regularly on our vehicles and use the right kind of motor oil. The questions many have are how regularly and what’s the right kind of oil? If these questions plague you, stop at Crest Honda and let us give you some helpful tips to keep your vehicle running as long as possible.

Of the many motor oil myths, perhaps the most common one that we get at our Honda service facility, is that oil must be changed every 3,000 miles. This is not the case. The mileage recommendations…

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What are the Steps of Changing a Flat Tire?

You know what it's like to see someone on the side of the road bent over and staring at a flat tire. If you want to feel confident whenever you head out on the road, then you should get some tools to help you fix the flat so you don't get stuck. These tools include a lug wrench, jack, spare tire, and wheel wedges. This allows to do everything you need to replace a tire, but if you want something quicker, you can always opt for a flat tire kit.

Replacing a tire starts with the wheel wedges…

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The Differences Between FWD and RWD Vehicles

Should you get a front-wheel drive (FWD) or a rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle? To come to an informed decision, you should know the main advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Because the weight of the engine and transmission is directly above the drive wheels, FWD cars tend to get better traction on slick and dry roads. This design also makes the initial purchase cost lower because it makes them cheaper to manufacture. Unfortunately, this design also has many moving parts, which may increase maintenance costs. 

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How to Test Your Car’s Battery

If you’re concerned that your car’s battery isn’t holding a charge, you can use a voltmeter to check it. You may choose an analog or digital option, but the first step is to make sure that your car is shut off, including the lights. Connect the positive, or red, cable to the positive battery terminal. Go on the negative, or black, cable and attach it to the negative battery terminal.

A battery that’s less than four years old and registers at 12.4 volts or above should hold a charge. If the battery is older than…

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