Still one of our Crest Honda team's favorite mid-size adventure pickups, the newly redesigned Honda Ridgeline has much to look at and admire. It's sleeker and more aerodynamic in shape, but it retains the bold, on-trend accents that make it so popular with drivers and critics.

Big, Muscular Fender Flares

Fender flares keep your wheels from churning up rocks and debris that could damage your vehicle's undercarriage, windows or even nearby vehicles. The Honda Ridgeline's big, muscular fender flares prevent this from happening. In some states, fender flares make the Honda Ridgeline compliant with Vehicle Equipment Laws, so this new feature is a really good thing.

Large, Tough Alloy Wheels

The Honda Ridgeline benefits from 18-inch alloy wheels, including special bronze wheels as part of the HPD Package. Alloy wheels are highly sturdy yet lightweight, making for improved responsiveness, quicker acceleration and faster, more seamless stopping. A five-spoke design with signature Honda branding gives the Honda Ridgeline even more sporty, outdoorsy charm.



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