New Honda SUVs for Sale in Nashville, TN

Welcome to Crest Honda. Here, you will find our premium selection of brand-new Honda SUVs. If your family is growing and in need of a little extra space, be sure to check out our full range of crossover and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). We have something for everyone at prices that you can afford. But because our inventory is here today and gone tomorrow, you should contact us if you have something specific in mind to see if we can find it for you.

Benefits of Buying a New SUV

When you buy a brand-new SUV from Crest Honda, you are driving away with the best engineering that Honda can produce. There is nothing to compare a brand-new model against. The steering is crisp and accurate. The brakes stop on a dime. The acceleration is responsive and provides plenty of power when you need it. In addition, the interiors are clean and free of allergens.

Financing a brand-new SUV is an excellent investment because all Honda vehicles hold their value well. And the latest models are even more valuable on resale because they are loaded with a full suite of safety features in the, now standard, Honda Sensing® package.

You will love the adaptive cruise control, which effortlessly maintains safe following distances. In fact, it is only a step away from fully automated driving. In addition, all brand-new Honda SUVs come with rain-sensing windshield wipers, auto-adjusting headlights, and automated braking to prevent collisions.

In addition to these great features, you also have predictable monthly payments when you buy an SUV. By contrast, keeping a used vehicle on the road leads to a lot of costly surprises. Instead of being hit with a $1,800 repair bill, you can keep low monthly payments and maintain high credit solvency. And, of course, when you buy a brand-new model, it is backed by numerous quality assurances, such as Lemon Law protections and a comprehensive factory warranty.

Quality New SUVs Near Me

At Crest Honda, the customers tell us that buying from us is music to their ears. We have the premium selection of Honda models that everyone in Music City wants. This is because our talented service department thoroughly inspects every new Honda before it hits the sales lots. They prep the vehicles, configure any electronics and ensure that everything is how it should be.

You'll be pleased with the entire experience. You won't be coming back with a red face because your SUV is leaking fluids or making strange noises. We want to retain our customers for life and only meet this goal by ensuring that they never have any regrets about their purchases. We won't ever sell scratch-and-ding models or try to push you into buying a vehicle that is overstocked.

Come on down and see the quality for yourself by taking our SUVs out for a test drive and signing some papers to take them home. It is easy to get into a new Honda SUV.