The verdict's in: the Honda Fit's interior is significantly larger and more flexible than it looks. What's the secret? Our Crest Honda team played around its inside to find out. Here are the highlights.

Big, Plump Seats

The Honda Fit seats up to five, with ample head, elbow and legroom for each passenger. The chair spacing gives each sitter more than adequate room to stretch out. Plus, the seats are large and wide, with plush headrests, sturdy frames and dense/soft cushioning sheathed in rich-textured upholstery. It's an interior built for daily commutes through Nashville and for extended weekend excursions.

Big, Capable and Green

If saving money and the planet are sacred, just push the Honda Fit Econ button. Situated below and to the left of the steering wheel on late models, the Econ button optimizes all of the Honda Fit's key systems. Optimization results in fuel-saving cruise control, engine, transmission and air conditioning. Saving fuel saves you money and spares the planet more carbon emissions.



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