We've seen it all here at Crest Honda, and there are few exterior features that shock us. The Honda Civic's exterior features are popular throughout the industry, but the vehicle's specific combination of features is what we love most.

Durable Door Visors

Sometimes, on lukewarm rainy days, you feel a bit stuffy, but you don't want to turn on your vehicle's AC. You want to crack the windows instead, but you don't want to get rain inside the cabin. The solution: door visors. They overhang at top of the Honda Civic's windows, blocking the elements from entering the cabin when you crack the windows for fresh air. Talk about convenience.

Large LED Fog Lights

Poor visibility on bad weather days in Nashville are no fun at all. They're also unsafe. Luckily, the Honda Civic has large fog lights, LED to boot. LED is brighter than halogen, more energy efficient and lasts longer. The Honda Civic's LED fog lights can pierce rain, snow and even dense fog.



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