Whether at work, home, or in their vehicles, most Nashville locals rarely think about air filters. Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting human health, automotive engines, and vehicle climate control systems, these components provide the greatest benefits only when they're diligently maintained. At Crest Honda, we're eager to help consumers understand the importance of these features, and the importance of regularly changing them.

Understanding Your Car's Cabin Air Filter

The air filter in your vehicle's cabin works much like the filter in your home HVAC system. When your in-car climate control system is turned on, this filter captures and retains things like pet dander, dust, and other forms of airborne debris. By doing so, it significantly improves the quality of the indoor air so that drivers and passengers can enjoy both moderate temperatures and easy, comfortable breathing.

The Job Of The Engine Air Filter

?While the cabin air filter prevents excess airborne particulates from entering your lungs, the engine air filter ensures that dust and other debris do not enter your engine. As a result, this component helps promotes optimum engine performance and longevity. To find out more about your car's air filters or to get reliable servicing for your auto, come visit us at Crest Honda now.


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