How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

Do you get your car professionally detailed? You may want to if you smell onerous odors in your car every time you open the door. Smells can come from any place. You may have opened your vents and turned on your air conditioner when you were behind a car with bad exhaust. You may also have smoked or eaten fast food in your vehicle. All of these have repercussions on the small space of your car.

Smoke and other odors can get into the fabric of your vehicle and become hard to get rid of. The only way to get rid of it is through a quick vacuum, baking soda, charcoal, and a natural air freshener. You don’t want to use any harsh fresheners because they can become overpowering.

You can get rid of serious smells out of your vehicle with a quick detailing. If you notice that smells aren’t going away, you may have a gas leak that you need to check or another malfunction. Got questions about it? Stop by Crest Honda.



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