Why Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors are Important

At Crest Honda, we want you to be an informed driver who knows how to drive at night and be as safe as possible. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are a new technology that makes night driving much easier and safer because you’re not blinding by headlights from cars driving behind you. Stop and see us and allow our professionals to explain this innovative technology to you.

Driving at night doesn’t have to be dangerous when there are vehicles behind you, and auto-dimming rearview mirrors take care of a lot of those problems. They’re important because they use a technology that makes the glare decrease and your mirrors turn dark so you can see easily in the dark.

If you’d like more information on auto-dimming rearview mirrors or have other automotive questions, pay us a visit at our shop. We invite you to use this opportunity to take one of our vehicles out for a test drive.



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