Get Your Car Ready for Spring

At Crest Honda, we love to help our clients get ready for spring. We have a list of things you should do to have your vehicle in great shape and prepared for the new weather. If you don't like to service your vehicle, bring it to our technicians and they will make sure it is ready to go.

Check out your owner's manual and see if you have any service milestones to complete. These check-ups are based on how many miles you are at on your vehicle. You should also check out the fluids in your car and replace your filters.

Have your tires, hoses, and belts checked to make sure everything is working correctly. Don't forget to check your spare tire. Lights and wiper blades should also be inspected and replaced if needed. Warm weather is right around the corner, so have your air conditioner inspected to make sure it is ready to keep your vehicle cool.



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