How to Choose the Right Car Seat

When you learn that you're going to have children, you need to start looking for a newborn car seat. This is a seat that is rear-facing in the car and that will secure your baby until about 40 pounds. Talk to Crest Honda about the types of belts and latches that are in your new vehicle so that you can properly secure the seat.

In order to get a seat that fits, you need to measure the area in the back of your car. Seats that have a large base might not be able to fit in smaller cars, which would mean either leaving the seat in place or having another seat on hand when it's needed.

An option to consider is getting a car seat that's convertible. It can be re-positioned as your child gets older. A travel system is an option as well. It has the car seat that you need for a newborn as well as a stroller that can be used when you're not in the car.



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