Do Windshield Chips Need to be Repaired?

Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling when a stone bounces off the road and makes a chip in our windshield. Many customers ask our Honda service department technicians if every chip should be fixed. A chip large enough to be noticeable can create future problems and should at least be inspected to determine if its repairable.

Our experienced windshield chip repair specialist can determine whether or not a chip is repairable using an injectable resin process that removes air from the glass and adds a resin to strengthen the glass. Letting a windshield chip unattended increases the likelihood of its turning into a long crack that compromises the safety of your windshield.

Our service department can provide free estimates on windshield chip repairs, most of which average around $50. A professionally repaired windshield chip may still be noticeable but you can drive knowing the glass has been strengthened.



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