Can Rodents Damage Your Car?

At Crest Honda, we care about our readers being informed about potential risks to their vehicles, so you aren't unpleasantly surprised if one of these situations occurs. Something not commonly known about is that rodents can do extensive damage to your car. Fortunately, you can take precautions for this type of damage.

There is rodent-deterring tape you can buy for your vehicle. It looks similar to electrical tape but contains super-spicy capsaicin. Another way you can protect your car from rodent damage is to install metal mesh around openings where rodents can crawl inside, over rubber hosing and around wiring harnesses. It's important to rodent-proof your vehicle because they can clog the air conditioning duct, chew through important hoses and wires, and even clutter your engine intakes with objects like acorns.

No matter where you live, rodents can do damage to your car. You can decrease the chance this happens to your car by using rodent-deterring tape and metal mesh. If you notice rodents are damaging your car, you can visit our service center for any needed repairs, which may be covered by comprehensive insurance.



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