Useful Information About a Blind Spot Monitor

Have you heard of a blind spot monitor? This is a cutting-edge driver-assist feature that offers enhanced safety, which is why it's so popular among consumers at Crest Honda in Nashville, TN. A blind spot monitor can come as a standard or available safety feature, and it's sometimes offered in packages with other driver-assist features.

A blind spot monitor is made with technologies like cameras, sensors, and radars that monitor for vehicles that are entering your blind spot zones. As a vehicle approaches, the system will send you audible and/or visual alerts so that you know to stay in your lane.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) carried out research on driver-assist features. According to the IIHS, blind spot detection systems and lane change warning systems can help lessen deadly accidents that occur from lane-change collisions each year, and these systems may be able to reduce total collisions too. Choose a new car with a blind spot monitor today.


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