How Do Brake Pads Work?

If you've noticed a squealing noise every time you press your brake pedal, it may indicate your brake pads need replacing. Your wheels aren't the only thing spinning. As you drive, your disc brakes also match the pace of your spinning wheels. When it comes time to stop, pressing on the brake pedal engages a caliper that squeezes the discs, causing the spinning of your wheels to slow.

You can have anywhere from two to four discs, depending on your car's design. Each caliper has protective graphite pads on its tip that shield it from the heat generated by the slowing motion. These pads can wear out over time, with the rigors of stop-and-go driving causing them to grind down more quickly than driving at highway speeds.

We'll be happy to service your entire braking system at Crest Honda. Our qualified mechanics can ensure you're driving safely with new brake pads or a thorough inspection of each braking component.



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