Smart Entry with Away Auto Lock

Smart Entry With Walk Away Auto Lock

Honda Walk Away Auto Lock allows the car to lock automatically when the driver walks away from it with the keys. The feature is activated once you reach a distance of approximately 8.5 feet from the vehicle. This gives you peace of mind that the car is locked. This feature is standard on many late model Honda Vehicles. The Walk Away Auto lock will never allow you to worry about forgetting to lock your Honda vehicle again.

Walk Away Auto Lock has to be enabled prior to use. The doors, trunk and tailgate must be fully closed. Activation can be done on multiple smart keys. The feature will not work if a remote is inside the vehicle. Also, if you and another person have programmed remotes and exit the vehicle, both have to be beyond the activation range for the system to work. The system can also be customized via the infotainment screen. The two vehicle remotes can be customized differently. For example, one can be set to auto lock, and the other can be set to off. The system also has additional options to lock the doors once the vehicle starts moving, or when it is shifted out of park. Other options allow you to set all the doors to unlock once the vehicle is shifted to park, or all doors will be set to unlock once the driver's door opens. The doors can also be programmed to unlock once the vehicle is shut off. You can set-up Walk Away Auto Lock by following the steps below:

  1. Press home on your display screen which is located below the green power button on the top left of the screen.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Select vehicle
  4. Select keyless access setup
  5. Select Walk Away Auto Lock
  6. Select Enable
  7. Now press ok, and you are all set up and ready to use

To learn more information about the Walk Away Auto Lock system, come visit Crest Honda today. We will be happy to give you a demonstration of how the system works.

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