Know the Signs of a Failing Ignition System

A faulty battery is not always the reason for your vehicle not starting. There are definite signs that the ignition system in your vehicle may be failing instead, including:

  • The engine’s starter is soaked with oil.
  • Smoke accompanied by a burning smell can be an electrical short in the ignition.
  • When cranking the engine, you hear a whining noise from the starter.
  • A grinding noise with no engine turnover
  • The solenoid may be malfunctioning if you turn the key and the vehicle makes no connection.

The starter, solenoid and electrical connections are all significant parts of your vehicle’s ignition system. Finding the problem is always best left to the professionals. The experienced automotive service technicians at Crest Honda in Nashville, TN are qualified and will be able to track and repair any electrical or ignition problems your vehicle may be having.