How to Get Set Up For a Test Drive

There is no wrong or right way to test drive a car, but here are some tips to make the experience fun and informative. However, before you head to the showroom, make a list or have a general idea about the type of vehicle you are looking for. Do you want a truck for towing, or are you looking for a minivan for the family?

When you find an automobile that you like, make sure you drive it up to speed on a freeway, around town, and park it in a parking lot. Note how it handles during cornering, when it it going fast, and when it is idling at a stop light.

Ask about the technology features of the car, and see if your cell phone pairs to it. Many of a vehicle’s safety systems you cannot outwardly see, such as airbags and sensors. Have the salesperson go over where and how the safety mechanisms work. If you are interested in taking a few vehicles for a test drive, visit us here at the Crest Honda dealership. We'll gladly get you set up behind the wheel today.



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